Concept Expo

Concept IIAMSTX 2019 is a multi-sector b2b trade IIAMSTX 2019 with a difference. The objective of this customer-centric IIAMSTX 2019 is to provide a unique opportunity for our clients to promote their products in a non-competitive environment.

Through Concept IIAMSTX 2019 we intend to create a monopoly-sort environment as we would not let many other companies promote the same product/service on the same platform. For instance, if your company is selling construction equipment products we will ensure that we accept the participation of only a few other construction equipment based clients as we do not wish to create competition for you. So, you can enjoy an unchallenged opportunity to tap the market.

While most exhibition organizers focus on industry-based exhibition, Our Concept exhibition is a customer-centric exhibition. Our aim is to promote our clients and provide them full-opportunity to establish and promote their business in Africa.

We Provide Full Comprehensive Background Support to our Clients

Our dedicated marketing team in Africa will provide complete background support to our clients in their pursuit to establish business in a new market. A detailed research report will be provided to our clients focussing on trade opportunity for their products. A comprehensive data on prospective relevant trade buyers will be provided to them even before they come to attend the exhibition.

At Our IIAMSTX 2019, we do not work like typical organizers. When organizing an IIAMSTX 2019, we do not just provide space; we take the onus of providing all the desirable pre-and post-exhibition services.

IIAMSTX 2019 is an opportunity and an invitation to all established businesses and start-ups in India who wish to export their products in Africa and expand their market reach. We have a dedicated team of marketing professionals in Africa who have helped us established our reach in major countries in East and Central Africa. We request you to take full advantage of the unique marketing opportunity by joining hands with us.