hosting workshop

Hosting a Commercial Workshop

Where available, exhibitors are provided with a complimentary presentation slot within the IIATE Business commercial workshop programme offering a platform from which to demonstrate products and/or services to a captive audience. These presentations will be promoted in advance and are expected to be commercial in their content.

A 30 minute complimentary commercial workshop slot will be made available to each exhibitor where possible, but the slots are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. After all the complimentary sessions have been allocated, if there are any left, each exhibitor will be given the opportunity to purchase additional workshop sessions.

Companies that wish to utilize this complimentary presentation session will be sent an additional booking form requesting information on the content of each session. Once all forms have been received, the conference technical committee will programme the workshop and demonstration sessions to ensure that similar technologies or services are not running concurrently. This will enable the buyer to attend all relevant sessions.

    • Exhibiting companies will not be able to select the specific time that their workshop is held. But more favorable time slots will be allocated to those companies that booked their stand within 10 days from enquiry generated and return their Commercial Workshop Form early.
  •  If an exhibiting company would like to offer a workshop on both days of the      event they can purchase an additional presentation session subject to         availability.