Why to Advertise

Exhibitions are recognized as one of the most effective ways of developing a brand as it facilitates one-to-one interaction between buyers and sellers. Advertising with us will help you squeeze maximum output of your efforts and investment. So, while you work on promoting your products in the best possible way, our intensive advertising magazine will focus on marketing your brand in your targeted business segment.


  • More than 20,000 copies of our print magazine carrying your full-page adverts will be distributed in major cities of Kenya.
  • Besides, the magazine will also be distributed in Uganda, Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Sudan.
  • Your adverts in our promotional magazines will reach all trade buyers, industrialists, franchisee seekers, businessmen, suppliers in Kenya and all visitors coming to the exhibition.
  • We, therefore, will make your company and brand visible to your target audience in more than six countries in Africa. Your investments in advertising will tremendously help you in setting up your business in Africa.
Pages Size Rate in USD
Front Cover 21 by 27 CMS 1200
Back Cover 21 by 27 CMS 1000
Inside Front Cover 21 by 27 CMS 800
Inside Back Cover 21 by 27 CMS 800
Full Page Color 21 by 27 CMS 600