Exhibitors Guideline


Visa assistance letter, if required should be requested atleast 60 days prior to the opening of the IIATE 2022. Please contact your consultant at Quickmarc.


Preferably, we would need printed company brochures. The same are necessary for the pre-event media campaigns and press conferences. They should reach us at least 60 days prior to the opening of the IIATE 2022.


Balance/ Remaining payments, if any must reach the organizers at least 90 days prior to the opening of the event. The exhibitor will then only be provided a clearance certificate that he will need to produce to the IIATE 2022 on-site management before taking possession of his stand.


All delegates photographs or their scanned images should reach us at least 60 days prior to the opening of the IIATE 2022. Name of the person and company should be written behind the picture if being sent by mail/courier.

Files are acceptable in the following formats only: .jpg or .gif (the email / image should not exceed 100 kb )
CARGO INFORMATION If the samples are not bulky, exhibitors are advised to carry them as personal baggage. This will save money as sending air/sea cargo is more expensive than paying for extra baggage.

All exhibitors must send a sample invoice / packing list before shipping / airfreighting the goods by email / fax to the clearing agents to get an approximate value of all charges involved and advise on values declared.

Goods should not be much under-invoiced as customs may put their on value if not satisfied with the invoice value declared by the exhibitor. Please consult the clearing agents for their advise if necessary.

For promotional items such as brochures, small give aways, display stands etc., please declare a small value.

All goods should reach The port 20 days and airport atleast 10 days prior to the opening of the IIATE 2022 to ensure that the goods are cleared in time.

IIATE 2022 samples and stand construction materials should be packed and declared separately from goods for test sales. For smooth clearance of exhibitor goods, organizers usually assign a few official clearing agents to handle the IIATE 2022 goods to be exhibited at the fair.

A small advise to all exhibitors worldwide in to always carry some brochures / business cards / posters etc. as hand baggage so that they are not empty handed on their stand if their cargo or personal baggage is delayed / lost etc. It is important that all precautions are taken to ensure that your investment is not wasted.

Need to read
Exhibiting at Trade Shows is usually expensive. But then it is the most effective and respectable way to present your company in the international market. The impact on prospective buyers/partners can not be so strong in any other way in today’s world that is overloading with suppliers and exporters. But still, an exhibition cannot guarantee business as most still depends on how you use the opportunity. One can really increase his chances if he follows these tips

Where to ParticipateSome survey through embassies, net etc. can give you substantial information on a country’s imports etc. Most of you would know how to do that but what is most important is the organizer. All organizers provide space, stand and accessories etc., but you certainly deserve more than that. It doesn’t matter whether the IIATE 2022 is big or small as both have their advantages and disadvantages. What is important is the support from the organizers. This support comes in the way of advertising not only the IIATE 2022, but your products as well. Further, he should be able to provide you a database of your products related importers whom you can contact and invite much in advance.

Most important. An exhibitor should not wait for luck to fall on him. Your stand is your temporary office, not your showroom where you wait for somebody to pass by. You have to run your office yourself. People are getting busier and somebody who could be very important to you might not turn up or might just miss your stand. Ask the organizer to provide you names and contact nos. of at least the top companies dealing in your kinds of products. Send them your brochures and invite them to visit your stand from your country itself. When you reach the country of the IIATE 2022, you call them and remind them about your arrival and presence at the event. Even if there is little marketability of your products in that country, you have very good chances iof cracking business. This is not just an extra exposure – it’your most important step towards success.

Your Expressions on Stand
Many delegates sometimes pretend to be busy when there is no one on their stand. Maybe just scribbling something on paper or playing with the calculator. But that has a negative impact on the visitor as he could have his reservations as well. He could just move on thinking you are busy or not very interested. Carrying a smile and greeting visitors can really do some magic. Somebody not dealing in your products could also get interested.And it’s always interesting to meet and know foreigners, isn’t it

Stand Decoration
The decoration of your stand tells about the standard of your company and the quality of your products. Big or small, it should be neat and well organized. Try to attend everybody even when your stand is crowded. Hire local people who can keep the visitors busy until the time you can attend them personally. The entire town has a boundless energy, and is thriving place where all of human life can be found. This is a place of great contrasts where race, tribe and origin all become facets of a unique Nairobi character.

Promotions do wonders specially when consumer products are concerned. A crowd at your stand can generate interest amongst bulk buyers as watching them, they will be convinced with the acceptance of your product in their market. But make sure you have enough people who can handle all that.


 Stall Allotment:
The allotment of stalls will be made strictly on “INDUSTRY” basis and will be decided by the Organizers.
 Application for Participation:
The exhibitor must make application on enclosed Stall Reservation Form, which involves acceptance of Trade Fair Rules & regulations.

Failure to make payment as per schedule would render cancellation of Stall booking / allocation and no refund will be made. Cancellation of participation is not permitted.

 Transport Documents:
Participants shall take care of transport documents of IIATE 2022 and to satisfy the statutory requirements of sales tax, central excise and customs to avoid any difficulties on route. The exhibits should be consigned in the name of the participants themselves or their local agents and not in the name of the organizer.

 ServiceTax / TDS Deductions:
Any additional taxes such as service tax etc. will be charged extra as applicable.

All Exhibitors are requested to register their Name and get Entry pass with Participant Kit on 19 April 2022 evening before 6.00 p.m. at Exhibition venue. Entry of Exhibors is permitted on 20.04.2022 from 9.00 AM. Entry of Exhibitors will be permitted only after making 100% payment of all charges. Authorized representatives of the participants should be present at the time of Entry of the Exhibors at the venue.

The Organizers will provide round the clock security for the general surveillance of the Trade IIATE 2022 hall. If required, exclusive security guards will be provided at extra charges during installation and removal of exhibits.

 Advertising in Fair Venue:
Printed matter and advertising material may be displayed / distributed only in their own stall and not in the hall gangways or outside the IIATE 2022 hall. Acoustic advertising and playing music are prohibited. The organisers shall be entitled to intervene and disconnect or remove the equipment in case of disturbance.

 Handling Facilities:
The services of Cranes and Forklift through our authorized contractors will be available at extra cost if required.

 Installation of Exhibits / Interior Work:
The exhibitors can begin the work of installing their machines and interior work from 9.00 am on 20th April. & should be completed before 4.00 pm of the same day. (early possission will be allowed in special case but the approval of orgazier should be received in advance). After that no work will be entertained. The height of Stall should not exceed 2.4 mtrs. (8 Feet)

 Removal of Exhibits:
Exhibitors are requested to remove their exhibits/materials on 23 April 2022 from 7.00 pm onwards.

 Inauguration:  21 April 2022 at 10.00 am.

The participant shall use the space only for IIATE 2022 purpose & not for cooking, staying or washing. The decision of the Directors, quickmarc will be final and binding in regard to enforcement of these rules & regulations as laid down by the organizers. The organizers reserve the right to alter the Floor Plan.

 Force Majeure:
Under the conditions of Force Majeure, which also include strike, bandh, natural calamities and other events and decisions beyond the control of the organizers, the organizers are entitled to alter the dates, duration or cancellation of the entire IIATE 2022 In the event of cancellation of the fair, the participation charges will be refunded after deduction of the costs already incurred by the organizers. At any cost cancellation will not be allowed. No refund will be given to the participants.

 Limit of Liability:
The organizers are not liable in any form for any loss or damage to Exhibitors’ property at the IIATE 2022 site or injury to their personnel and visitors.

All the participants are advised to arrange for comprehensive insurance for their Exhibitors at their own cost.

Sale of any product in the IIATE 2022 premises is allowed.

All disputes are subject to Ahmedabad Vadodara Jurisdiction.