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It gives me immense pleasure to share with you my view towards our initiative of this IIATE 2024 .

QUICKMARC Aim to promote  India as a brand on the international front and strives to develop its bilateral ties with countries by improving bilateral trade and investments.

India and Kenya share a good economic and bilateral relations. Kenya is a growing economy, and no other Sub-Saharan African country is as poised for rapid economic growth as Kenya

IIATE 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya is being organized with a view to promote bilateral trade with Kenya. This IIATE 2024 provides a platform to the Indian business community to showcase their products in Kenya and to understand current market trend and economic sentiments of the country. India is the third largest exporter of engineering products to Kenya.

Kenya is the largest economy in the Eastern Africa region, access to which will act as a gateway for Indian manufacturers into the Eastern Africa region. Bilateral ties has been growing at a faster pace between the two countries after the recent visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.

QUICKMARC  in its endeavor to support India’s export business, has taken several initiatives and this INTERNATIONAL INDO AFRICA B2B TRADE SHOW 2024 @ KICC NAIROBI KENYA. would provide opportunities for both the Indian manufactures and SMEs and also the Kenyan SMEs to develop and expand their ventures.
I am sure ‘International  Indo Africa’  in Kenya will enhance the knowledge base of Indian industries on opportunities in Kenyan market. Further, it would also help Indian business community in taking more informed decisions.

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